Unlike other providers, Teal does not build regular SIMs, Teal only builds eSIMs or eUICCs. But eUICCs can still fit into a traditional SIM slot by picking the 2FF/3FF/4FF form factor instead of the embedded MFF2 format.

Most devices manufactured in the last 5-10 years support eSIM. There is wide support from the main module manufacturers, including uBlox, Quectel, Telit, SIMCom, Sierra Wireless, Gemalto, Nordic, Particle, and Pycom. If you have a recent module from any of those providers, your device will work just fine with Teal eSIM.

More specifically, there are two main device modem features that are required, BIP and STK:

  1. Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP)
    •         Open Channel     
    •         Close Channel     
    •         Receive Data     
    •         Send Data     
    •         Get Channel Status     
    •         Envelop for data download
  2. SIM Toolkit (STK or SAT)
    •         Terminal Profile     
    •         Fetch     
    •         Terminal Response     
    •         Provide Local Information     
    •         Send Short Message     
    •         Poll Interval     
    •         Polling Off     
    •         Timer Management     
    •         Setup Event     
    •         List Envelop for data download by SMS     
    •         Refresh Command 

Most If you have any questions about whether your device supports eSIM or not, please send us an email at Support Email